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Choosing a leash for spinning: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

One of the essential attributes of spinning fishing is nothing more than a leash. Its main task is to preserve the bait in the fight against toothy predators and to protect the spoons when passing through shell rock and other sharp objects.

  • Single-strand (string) and multi-strand steel leads. They are quite strong, but at the same time very tough and highly susceptible to deformation. This type of leash is used when fishing for large pike with lures that do not require additional animation during the posting, for example, turntables and oscillators.
  • Tungsten leads. Unlike steel ones, they are less strong and durable, but elastic and allow you to animate the bait well. This type of leash allows you to catch bottom fish with jig lures at the very bottom, without fear of cutting the bait on the shells.
  • Titanium leashes. Compared to steel, titanium has the same tensile strength and wear resistance, but is several times thinner and lighter. Due to this, titanium leads are quite soft and allow you to animate the bait no worse than tungsten ones, while maintaining the initial shape.
  • Fluorocarbon leashes. An undoubted advantage over others is their ability to merge with water without attracting the attention of fish. It is also worth noting the good wear-resistant qualities of fluorocarbon. However, many anglers consider them unsuitable for pike fishing, and this is quite justified. Toothy is able to easily snack on fluorocarbon, but fluorocarbon leashes are ideal for catching perch or pike perch on rubber.
  • Braided line leads. You won't find them in stores, but it's easy to knit yourself. The advantages of the braid include excellent softness and the ability to animate the lure as you like, anywhere. Unfortunately, the wattle fence is highly susceptible to damage and is only suitable as insurance against a small pike when fishing for perch or other toothless predator.

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