Special shaped single hooks with a Z-shaped bend to prevent the bait from slipping off the hook. Hanzo Offset Hooks are of high quality due to strong wire and deep hooks, which increase the chances of quality fish hooks.

Features of offset hooks

Offset hooks are designed to keep your bait from getting caught, for example, from branches and stones. All offset hooks can be divided into several types. The fundamental difference lies not only in the size, but also in the shape of the hooks. Most often, offset hooks are divided into oblong and deep.

The deep offset bait is designed for lures with a wide body (twister, shed). This hook allows you not only to successfully pass the driftwood, but also to successfully hook the fish.

Oblong offset bait - this shape is perfect for a variety of oblong baits (worm, slug).

The size of the offset hook is matched to the size of the bait, therefore, before choosing the hook, you need to decide on the bait. Basically, anglers select the hook by eye. The hook should come out about the middle of the fish or worm.

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