Split Rings

Hanzo winding rings are an auxiliary element that is needed not only for securely attaching lures and fishing lines to the wobbler, but also for securely attaching the hooks themselves. It is important to choose the rings correctly, the larger the planned catch, the more reliable the rings should be.

The purpose and function of the winding rings

The winding rings are an auxiliary element that prevents the tackle from tangling with the fishing line. The main advantage of the rings is their compactness. The rings are the connecting element for attaching small wobblers to the line. They are made from steel wire or coil spring. The assortment includes both safety pin clasps and a loose collar.

These rings are needed mainly for fishing spinning rods: for attaching artificial lures to the fishing line or for attaching leads with a sinker. Clockwork rings have also gained popularity in jigging, twitching and trolling techniques.

There are several types of winding rings: drop-shaped, round (perfect for jig fishing, for attaching doubles) and oval (suitable for offset hooks with a large eyelet).

The presence of a winding ring during fishing ensures the reliability of all equipment, especially when fishing in hard-to-reach places. Also, the rings help to quickly replace the accessories.

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